Editorial cartoon

The Seattle Times, December 30, 2012

Lawmakers, Inslee ignoring high court’s education mandate

The (Tacoma) News Tribune, December 27, 2012

Editorial: Court right to hit lamakers over education mandate

The Seattle Times, December 21, 2012

Interview with the woman behind the McCleary lawsuit

KING-TV, Northwest Newsmakers, December 20, 2012

Court: WA Legislature failing at education funding

The Olympian, December 20, 2012

Editorial: Education chairs must lead Washington state forward

The Seattle Times, November 25, 2012

Op-ed: Property-tax levy swap to fund education is the best bad idea we have

The Seattle Times, November 24, 2012

Washington Legislature to face hefty spending increase for schools

The Seattle Times, November 23, 2012

State Supreme Court sets next steps in school suit

The Seattle Times, July 18, 2012

Washington Supreme Court decides what its ongoing monitoring of state schools funding will look like

The News Tribune blog, July 18, 2012

State Supreme Court sets next steps in school suit

The Olympian, July 18, 2012

State Supreme Court ruling sends message on education

Mercer Island Reporter, January 20, 2012

State justices force state to make education priority

Tri-City Herald, January 18, 2012

State failing to fully fund basic education, says Washington Supreme Court

4LAKids, January 13, 2012

State failing to fully fund basic education, says Supreme Court

Port Townsend Leader, January 11, 2012

Washington lawmakers must abide by oath and amply fund K-12 education

Seattle Times Op-Ed, January 10, 2012

High court’s ruling on education puts lawmakers on the spot

Seattle Times Editiorial, January 10, 2012

State Supreme Court rules state must fund schools better

Sammamish Review, January 9, 2012

Washington Supreme Court ruling should take education cuts off the table

Seattle Times, January 6, 2012

High court demands state education reforms

Spokesman Review, January 6, 2012

State not fully funding education, but if it stays on track with funding reforms of 2009, will meet obligation

WSSDA Legislative Update, January 5, 2012

A huge victory for Washington children and public education

Statement from Mary Lindquist, President of the Washington Education Association, January 5, 2012

A clear victory for the students of Washington state

Statement from Randy Dorn, State Superintendent, January 5, 2012

Gov. Gregoire’s statement on Supreme Court ruling regarding education funding

Gov. Gregoire, January 5, 2012

WA Supreme Court: State underfunding basic education

The Spokesman Review, January 5, 2012

State Supreme Court says state hasn’t met duty to pay for public education

The News Tribune, January 5, 2012

WA Supreme Court decision on education funding

The News Tribune, January 5, 2012

Supreme Court says state isn’t meeting education obligation

Seattle PI, January 5, 2012

Court ruling won’t protect schools from new cuts

Seattle Times, January 5, 2012

Education funding rules stirs glee, concern locally

The Columbian, January 5, 2012

Local school officials happy with high court ruling

Yakima Herald, January 5, 2012

Lawmaker proposes way out of money mess for education

Yakima Herald, January 5, 2012

Court says it again: Education is paramount

Yakima Herald, January 5, 2012

Schools: Court says basic needs must be met

Tri-City Herald, January 5, 2012

Supreme Court: Wash. hasn’t met duty for education

The Daily World, January 5, 2012

Education advocates praise ruling on school funding

The Daily News, January 5, 2012

State hasn’t met duty for education, Supreme Court rules in suit with Chimacum roots

Peninsula Daily News, January 5, 2012

Washington Supreme Court rules that failure to pay enough for education violates state constitution

Oregonian, January 5, 2012

CCSSO to Congress, Obama: Write a bi-partisan NCLB bill

Education Week blog, January 5, 2012

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