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Supreme Court orders State and NEWS to appear on Sept. 7

The Washington State Supreme Court has ordered the parties in the McCleary lawsuit to appear before justices in a hearing in Olympia on Sept. 7, 2016. In a unanimous order issued on July 14, the Court said, “Before making a decision on whether the State is in compliance, we will hear from the parties on precisely what the legislature has accomplished, what remains to be accomplished, and what significance we should attach to E2SSB 6195”, which the State has contended “constitutes a sufficient plan and shows that the legislature is on pace toward fulfilling its constitutional duty”.

“The 2017 legislative session presents the last opportunity for complying with the State’s paramount duty under article IX, section 1 by 2018,” the Court’s order continued. “What remains to be done to achieve compliance is undeniably huge, but it is not undefinable. At this juncture, seven years since enactment of ESHB 2261 and six years since enactment of SHB2776, the State can certainly set out for the court and the people of Washington the detailed steps it must take to accomplish its goals by the end of the next legislative session.”

The Court set forth the issues it expects the parties to address at the Sept. 7 hearing:

(a) whether the State views the 2018 deadline as referring to the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, to the end of the 2017-2018 fiscal year, to the end of 2018, or to some other date;

(b) whether E2SSB 6195, when read together with ESHB 2261 and SHB 2776, satisfies this court’s January 9, 2014, order for a plan and, if not, what opportunities, if any, remain for the legislature to provide the plan required by that January 9, 2014, order;

(c) the estimated current cost of full state funding of the program of basic education identified by ESHB 2261 (RCW 28A.150.220) and the implementation program established by SHB 2776, including, but not limited to, the costs of materials, supplies, and operating costs; transportation; and reduced class sizes for kindergarten through third grade and all-day kindergarten, with the costs of reduced class sizes and all-day kindergarten to include the estimated capital costs necessary to fully implement those components and the necessary level of staffing;

(d) the estimated cost of full state funding of competitive market-rate basic education staff salaries, including the costs of recruiting and retaining competent staff and professional development of instructional staff;

(e) the components of basic education, if any, the State has fully funded in light of the costs specified above;

(f) the components of basic education, including basic education staff salaries, the State has not yet fully funded in light of the costs specified above, the cost of achieving full state funding of the components that have not been fully funded by the deadline, and how the State intends to meet its constitutional obligation to implement its plan of basic education through dependable and regular revenue sources by that deadline;

(g) whether this court should dismiss the contempt order or continue sanctions; and

(h) any additional information that will demonstrate to the court how the State will fully comply with article IX, section 1 by 2018.


Mike Dunn of ESD 101 becomes NEWS President

Dear Colleagues:

After 32 years in public education and the last 12 years as superintendent in the Edmonds School District, I retired today. Because I believe that an active superintendent must lead the Board of Trustees of NEWS – and the Board agreed – Mike Dunn, Superintendent of ESD 101 in the Spokane area, has been elected unanimously by the Board to be our new NEWS President, pending formal approval by the general membership in October. I will remain on the Board as past president.

I have been involved in the McCleary case since its inception in 2007, joined the Board in 2011 and became Board President in 2012. It has been an honor to represent this cause. As Mike moves forward in this role, he will be able to represent the day-to-day realities of K-12 underfunding in interactions with lawmakers and NEWS members. He will also be well positioned to lead the Board in providing direction and advice to the legal team as we communicate with the Washington State Supreme Court in this ongoing legal matter. Mike is highly regarded as an effective educational leader and will do an outstanding job carrying this forward.

Please join us in welcoming Mike as our NEWS President and please encourage your district or organization to stay the course in supporting funding for NEWS so we can continue to hold the State accountable for school funding. We won the McCleary case, but an ultimate victory is not yet ours. Ample K-12 funding is within our reach, but we need you to see this through to completion.

Thank you for your support of this work.


Nick J. Brossoit, Ed.D.

NEWS to Supreme Court: ‘The State is still not complying with this Court’s rulings’

NEWS filed its Supreme Court brief this week responding to the State’s contention that the legislature’s “progress” in the 2016 session was sufficient to meet the Court’s orders in the McCleary case. “Despite the 2014 Contempt Order and 2015 Sanctions Order in this case, the State is still not complying with this Court’s rulings,” NEWS wrote.

As Court-ordered fines against the State continue to mount — more than $29 million when NEWS filed its brief, with $100,000 plus interest being added every day — NEWS urged the Court to “finally put an end to State government’s longstanding pattern of violation and delay by firmly enforcing the paramount constitutional right of every child in our State to an amply funded K-12 education.” (more…)

Thank you for taking a stand for students!

Many thanks to school districts and organizations all over Washington for taking a strong stand for their students and every K-12 student in our state! These districts have adopted a resolution urging the Legislature to take action now to comply with the State Supreme Court and fully fund an ample education for all students.

Bainbridge Island
Educational Service District 105
Franklin Pierce
Kettle Falls
Lake Washington
Medical Lake
Mercer Island
Moses Lake
North Kitsap
North Mason
Northeast Educational Service District 101
Northwest Educational Service District 189
Oak Harbor
St. John
Snoqualmie Valley
Washington State PTA
West Valley-Spokane
White Pass

A resolution: ‘The education of our students cannot afford more State delays’

While we are all gratified that the Washington State Supreme Court continues to hold the Legislature’s feet to the fire under the McCleary ruling, we know that politics can often stand in the way – even when lawmakers want to do the right thing. School districts, parents and other community members must continue to educate policymakers about the mandates of McCleary and urge the State to take speedy and decisive action to give all our children the amply funded education they deserve. To that end, we encourage school boards, nonprofit organizations and grassroots community groups to consider a resolution so we may have a strong and united voice to help compel the State to do what the Court has ordered. (We are also providing back-up info for the statements made in the resolution.)