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‘Constitutional rights either matter or they don’t’

The State has filed its response to the Washington State Supreme Court’s order of June 6 requiring the State to appear before the Court to show cause as to why the State should not be held in contempt for failing to comply with McCleary orders. In turn, NEWS has filed its response to the State’s filing, opening with the principle that “Constitutional rights either matter or they don’t”.

Read the State’s filing.

Read NEWS’s response.


NEWS’s position on the class size initiative

The class size initiative is not in conflict with the McCleary ruling.  I-1351 addresses reduced class sizes which is one of the components the State must fund as ordered by the Court; however, I-1351 does not address associated costs for building classrooms, transportation, and other related expenses.

Supreme Court unanimous: State must appear Sept. 3 to address potential contempt citation

The Washington Supreme Court issued an order on June 12, ordering the State to appear before the Court at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 3, “to address why the State should not be held in contempt” for violating McCleary case rulings. Read the Supreme Court order.


NEWS urges contempt of court against Legislature

In response to a court-mandated legislative “progress” report from the State to the Washington Supreme Court, the Network for Excellence in Washington Schools today asked the high court to hold the Legislature in contempt. (more…)

A detailed update on McCleary

Tom Ahearne, lead attorney for NEWS in the McCleary case, spoke to a packed house in Olympia in January 2014 for the annual WASA, WSSDA and WASBO legislative conference. View his PowerPoint slides for an update on the case to date and to learn what the Legislature must do to show real, steady and measurable progress toward meeting the McCleary mandate ordered by the Washington State Supreme Court.