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It’s not right that my calculus textbook is from 1994

The Seattle Times

By Carter McCleary

I was just a 7-year-old kid in second grade when my family filed the lawsuit on inadequate state funding for public schools, which bears our last name. My parents did it for me and for my big sister, Kelsey, and for every other kid getting shortchanged in public schools all across Washington. Read more…

‘Stealth inequities’: How Washington’s education system hurts poor schools

The Seattle Times

Education spending in Washington is driven primarily by enrollment. As Olympia faces a deadline to find more education money overall, low-income communities question the fairness of our system. Read more…

Legislature has a chance to fix Washington state’s broken education-funding system

The Seattle Times

Reforming Washington’s education-funding system should be seen as a tremendous opportunity. Lawmakers have a chance to make history and restore credibility by getting this done promptly. Read more…

Washington task force struggles to outline education fixes as deadline approaches

The (Spokane) Spokesman-Review

The cost of providing Washington children with a good education may be an extra $7.1 billion over the next four years and require some kind of tax increase, legislative Democrats said Wednesday. Or it may cost some unknown amount to be determined at some future date and possibly not require a tax increase at all if lawmakers simply pay for education first, legislative Republicans said. Read more…

Governor’s budget calls for $3.9 billion to respond to McCleary

Gov. Jay Inslee released his budget proposal today. Read about in the Washington Association of School Administrators’ legislative report, This Week in Olympia.