The Network for Excellence in Washington Schools (NEWS) is a statewide coalition of 430 community groups, school districts and education associations fighting for full and ample funding of K-12 education. Our members represent students, parents, teachers, administrators and other citizens who are united in advocacy for public school funding.

In 2012, NEWS won an historic victory when the Washington State Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the State of Washington is violating its constitutional “paramount duty” to amply fund the education of all K-12 students. Today, we stand together to ensure that the court’s landmark ruling in the McCleary v. State case is enforced.


Contempt, "progress" and more: Read our newsletter

In our January 2015 newsletter, we share updates and info on what the contempt citation against the State might mean. We also offer insights on how the Supreme Court's order in McCleary focuses clearly on funding, not reform, and how much new money is needed to meet the standard of "steady progress" toward ample funding for K-12 schools. Read the newsletter.